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State of Youth Chandigarh

Über State of Youth Chandigarh

Our main objective is socio economic and cultural development. One of our main purposes is to stand by the poor and needy people. We focus on issues of gender equality, education and nature and sustainability, and provide support to other SDGs.

Our goal is to work towards bringing a positive impact in the society, so that the world can be a happy and beautiful place to live in. In a world where girls are discriminated, school drop outs are increasing, and natural calamities are not infrequent, where poverty and unemployment are increasing and where cries of helpless people are unheard, we stand to build a harmonious society where everyone gets equal opportunities to prosper and reach his/her full potential.

"Everyone cannot do great things, but every one of us can surely do small things in a great way." We believe that everyone's efforts make a difference and would welcome you to join us!


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