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Our Vision & Mission

So much more can be done to address societal problems, from climate change to homelessness and from the refugee crisis to child obesity. By empowering everyone to contribute to a better world, we can come a long way in solving these problems. By conservative estimates, about 1 billion people engage in volunteering globally. However, this number is shrinking as the volunteering sector has failed to engage young people online. We envisage a future where opportunities to do good are presented in a much more engaging way and are radically easier to discover. Because of this many more people will be empowered and inspired to contribute to a better world.

It is our mission to empower everyone to contribute to a better world.

What we're building

Deedmob develops software to enable people to meaningfully contribute their time, skills and resources in addressing the world’s toughest challenges.

We're creating the discovery and engagement tool to display volunteering opportunities much more effectively. This can be on your organisation's website, a custom volunteering platform built with Deedmob tools, or on We're building a future where organisations can create their own volunteer movements in a few clicks. A future in which people just need to take their phones out of your pockets to start contributing to a better world, wherever they are.

Our solutions for organisations

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