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What we do

Deedmob is the new volunteering movement to solve society’s biggest problems.

We make doing good easy and more social for individuals. We give non-profits free technical tools to find and retain volunteers more effectively. And, we offer companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions to unlock the potential of their employees and deliver lasting social impact.

We are now the largest volunteering platform in the Netherlands with 1000+ charitable organisations, major companies, universities and governments. The charities on our platform represent over 850,000 volunteers and we are currently expanding to the rest of Europe. 🚀

The Team

Deedmob started with a few students from the University of Oxford who noticed that society’s biggest problems were not addressed by governments and the private sector. Technology is increasingly dividing people, whereas it has the potential to create real connections and solve societal problems together. We want to unlock this potential and make it easy for everyone to do good.

We're a young international team of driven and ambitious people. We started with this great journey at the end of 2016 and since then our team has grow to 6 people full-time, several amazing interns, and 30+ Ambassadors throughout Netherlands, England, and even China.

Pictures from our office in amsterdam

Join the team

Join a team of impact driven entrepreneurs to build the volunteering movement of the future. Everyone here is great at what they do and committed use their skills to make the world a better place. Most important, it’s great fun!

Open Positions

Located in our beautiful office in the centre of Amsterdam

Are you ambitious, willing to work hard, always looking to learn, and great at what you do?

Send a short email to with your CV and what you're interested in doing at deedmob!

Open Role: Remote Lead Engineer